Mortgage LENDING
Nothing beats the feeling of home, but helping others achieve that feeling comes close. Whether your roots are deep like ours or you’re looking to begin to put some down, we’re ready to work with you to accomplish your home goals. Our mortgage team passionately creates roots so others can find home.
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Mortgage Lending


Our goaI is to make the mortgage loan application process an easy and stress-free experience. In order to provide loan costs pertaining to your request, you need only to provide the six pieces of information listed below. Once provided, a Loan Estimate Disclosure will be promptly delivered to you.

1) Applicant Name(s)
2) Applicant(s) Estimated Gross Monthly Income
3) Social Security Number(s)
4) Loan Amount Sought
5) Estimated Value of Property
6) Property Address (contract not required)

In addition, you can help by providing the documents listed below. These are standard documentation needed to process the majority of mortgage loans; however, additional information might apply in your particular case, Being prepared and having this information collected will help us process your loan application in a timely manner. None of the below information however, is necessary to provide you with the initial disclosures mentioned above.

Copies of the most recent paystubs for borrower (s) that covers 30 days of earning,
Copies of last two year’s personal Federal Tax Returns (with all schedules),
Copies of last two year’s W-Zs or 1099 Form for borrower(s),
Copies of bank statements covering the most recent 60 days from each depository account (all pages),
Copy of driver’s license of all borrowers,
Purchase contract fully executed by all parties – once you receive it,
Copy of earnest money check and proof funds have cleared,
Homeowner’s Insurance information – agent’s name & phone number,
Closing Attorney information – name & contact information.

Additional Information that may be needed:

If selling current home:
Copy of executed Purchase Contract,
Copy of Settlement Statement – after transaction is closed
Copies of last two years business Federal Tax Returns (with all schedules)
Copies of most recent statement to verify stocks, bonds, retirement plans, etc.
Copies of Social Security/retirement Awards Letter(s)
Copy of official college transcript
Letter of Explanation for credit inquiries, large deposits, address variance, etc.
CBankruptcy discharge papers
Divorce Decree (Final – all pages)

Additional information for VA LOAN (Veteran):

Copy of DD214
Certificate of Eligibility
Statement of Service – if active duty
Interest Rate ·Reduction Loan (IRRL) – proof of previous case number

Additional information for REFINANCE:

Copy of Warranty Deed or Quit Claim Deed and Survey
Copy of current tax bill
Copy of current mortgage statement and note
If FHA Streamline Refinance – provide previous case number

Additional information for NEWCONSTRUCTION:

Original contract signed and dated by borrower(s) AND builder
Full set of plans and specifications
Copy of Deed (on lot) if already owned
Copy of Offer to Purchase land
Copy of settlement statement for purchase of land

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