New Normal: Better Customer Service

by | May 1, 2020

NOTE: This news article is an archived post that was posted on the date above. The information contained in this post was applicable for that date only. Some of the information below may have expired.

With some small businesses re-opening, owners may be wondering how to best service their customers and operate post-shut down.

Here are a few tips on how to keep yourself and your customers safe & comfortable while still doing your best work in this new economy since COVID-19.

1. Work Clean

They say cleanliness is next to godliness and in this case it is also synonymous with customer service!

Wipe down what you can when you can. If you can, provide customers with anything they can use to put a barrier between themselves & bacteria (gloves, hand sanitizer, etc.). When customers see you doing this, they will feel that you are truly taking their best interest to heart.

2. Stand Back and Help

Customers value friendly, polite, and helpful conversation from business owners, but in these times, they also value personal space. You can still be extremely helpful while maintaining a comfortable distance for both you and the people you serve.

Make sure to stand back, make eye contact, and project your voice calmly and clearly while assisting people. It also helps to have welcoming body language.

3. Smile!

We are all in an uncomfortable position during this pandemic. In the South, we like to hug and be friendly, so it is not easy, but maintaining healthy distance is for the greater good. To make it a little better, a smile can do just the trick!

Social distancing doesn’t mean “be unfriendly!” Being kind still makes a big difference, especially when times are tough.

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Thank you for reading. It has been our pleasure serving you!